Mousuni Island Tour – Your Best 2024 Travel Guide

If you want some break from your busy life and need peace from crowded places and polluted areas, then Mousuni Island is your best destination. Mousuni Island is like a hidden gem, the ideal place to travel. This peaceful island offers you an escape from everyday stress.

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Mousuni Island Location 

Island Beach Sunset Time

Mousuni Island West Bengal, is a small island in Sundarbans, located in Namkhana, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India. Here you can feel the village life and breathe freely in beautiful nature.

Mousuni Island Distance from Kolkata 

Beach Sunset Time View

It takes around 3 to 4 hours to reach Mousuni Island from Kolkata. You can also use a car or public transport, like the bus or train, to get to the island. The distance between Kolkata and Mousuni Island is 120 km. 

How to Reach Mousuni Island by Train 

Namkhana Railway Station

To come by train, you must first go to Sealdah station. Then you have to catch a Namkhana local train. The Sealdah to Namkhana train ticket price is 25 rupees per person

The easiest way to get to the island is by taking the Patibunia ferry ghat. You can reserve a Toto to reach the Patibunia ferry ghat directly from Namkhana. Otherwise, you can catch a bus to Bakkhali and get off in 10 Mile. 

From 10 Mile you will get a Toto or Engine Van to reach the Patibunia ferry ghat. After reaching the ferry ghat, you must cross the river on a boat ride. 

Each passenger must pay between Rs.5 to Rs.10 for the boat journey over the river. It takes about five minutes. 

After crossing the river, take a Toto and tell them your resort name, which one you booked online. The Toto driver will drop you off at the location.  

The total price for each person is 30 rupees. So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and visit the island.

How to Reach Mousuni Island by Bus 

Ocan at Evening

Take the bus from Dharmatala (Esplanade) to Bakkhali from Esplanade. Take a ticket for the 10 Mile. You don’t need to reach Namkhana because a new bridge has been built on the Hatania Doania River. 

To get to the resort, take a Toto or Engine Van from 10 mile to Patibunia ferry ghat. Then, cross the Chinai River by boat to island and take a Toto to the resort. Also, you can follow the same process by reaching Bagdanga ferry ghat. 

How to Reach Mousuni Island by Car 

Feel The Sound of Nature

You can easily reach Mousuni Island by car just by following Google Maps. Just set your destination to the Patibunia Ferry Ghat from your location. 

After reaching the Ghat, cross the river by boat and take a Toto to the resort directly. 

Mousuni Island Resort 

How do you know the best resorts on Mousuni Island or Mousuni Island Hotel? In the past five years, many resorts have been grown on the island. Then, how do you choose the best resorts or best camps or best hotels in Mousuni Island? 

Best Place to Stay in Mousuni Island 

Sea Beach View

Considering that not all resorts are the same. Some resorts don’t offer lovely views or accommodations, have poor food and accommodations, and are too distant from the beach, which is unsuitable for sea view lovers. 

That’s why these resorts are cheap. Don’t let the affordable price fool you. I am suggesting some of the best resorts on Mousuni Island. 

Best Resort in Mousuni Island 

Enjoy Nights with Friends

If you’re planning a trip to Mousuni Island and are still deciding the best resort in Mousuni Island and the best place to stay in Mousuni Island, don’t worry! 

Plenty of beach camp resorts are available for your accommodation needs. You will get a tent, mud house, cottage, bamboo house, AC Deluxe Rooms, and non-AC Deluxe Rooms, all of which you will need at the best resort. 

Keeping in mind that not all resorts are the same is essential. Some may have subpar rooms, limited food options, or inadequate accommodation.  

I have suggested the best hotels in Mousuni Island or the best camp in Mousuni Island. You can check them. 

All the resorts have direct access to the beach. So why go to Goa? Come to the island and relax your mind in the beauty of nature. 

New Sonar Bangla Resort 

Mobile Number: 9007226269


Official Website:

Sonar Bangla Deluxe Rooms
Sonar Bangla AC Deluxe Rooms
Tents Sonar Bangla Resort

New Sonar Bangla Resort is the ideal choice if you prefer a luxury room or enjoy adventure. Because this resort has super deluxe AC and non-AC rooms, you will not get any other resorts on the island. 

The resort also offers average rooms and mud houses; the main attraction is the tent/camp located in the seawater. All other resorts have sea-facing tents, but you will get a tent up on the seawater in the Sonar Bangla resort. So, if you are an adventure lover or want a premium room, New Sonar Bangla Resort is best for you on the island.

Dreamland Beach Camp 

Mobile Number: 9564305272


Official Website:

Dreamland Beach Camp
Dreamland Beach Camp AC Deluxe Rooms

Dreamland Resort also has luxury AC rooms and non-AC rooms. The food of this resort is delicious. This resort has a tent just opposite the sea and sea beach. You will get a beautiful view and sunset of the sea from inside the tent. 

Baluchari Beach Camp

Mobile Number: 8293646969


Official Website:

Baluchari Beach Camp Ground Area
Baluchari Beach Camp at Night
Mud House Baluchari Beach Camp

Baluchari Resort is the best choice for you to experience village life. Because this resort doesn’t have deluxe rooms, all are mud houses. You will get an AC Mud house and a non-AC Mud House. 

This resort also has a sea-facing tent just in front of the sea. So, if you are bored living in a home surrounded by walls, you must stay in Baluchari Beach Camp if you visit the island. 

Shuktara Beach Camp 

Mobile Number: 8337829369


Official Website:

Shuktara Beach Camp
Tents Shuktara Beach Camp
Night View Shuktara Beach Camp

If you love the sea beaches so much, then the Shuktara Beach Camp is best for you, because you will get a long beach in front of this resort. You can see the fishermen fishing on the sea and get a beautiful view of the sunset from this resort. This resort also has AC rooms, non-AC rooms, and sea-facing tents.

Best Time to Visit Mousuni Island 

The Peace of Nature

The location is open year-round. However, the summers are somewhat humid due to the closeness to the sea. Most camps close during the rainy season since being close to the sea can be problematic. Thus, the best time to visit Mousuni is from December to April. 

However, many AC Deluxe Resorts are now available, so you can visit Mousuni Island at any time of year. 

Mousuni Island Tour Package 

Island Beach Camping

Multiple resorts and camps or hotels are available for staying on Mousuni Island. Here, you learn more about the Mousuni Island Package Price and Mousuni Island Resort Price. 

Stay at Mousuni Island Camp for as low as 1000 per person for one day and one night. This includes meals and a place to stay. If you are an adventure lover, you can stay in a tent by the sea. Here, you will get a Cottage, Tent, and a Deluxe AC Room for your stay. 

So, if you are planning a budget tour, this island is the best tourist place near Kolkata.

Resorts Tour Package Price 

Around Bonfire at Night
Checken Barbecue at Island
  • Tents – Rs.1000 for 1D/1N per Person (Includes all Meals, Stay, Amenities and Features) 
  • Sea Facing Tents – Rs.1200 for 1D/1N per Person (Includes all Meals, Stay, Amenities and Features) 
  • Basic Non-AC Room – Rs.1200 for 1D/1N per Person (Includes all Meals, Stay, Amenities, and Features) 
  • Basic AC Room – Rs.1500 for 1D/1N per Person (Includes all Meals, Stay, Amenities, and Features) 
  • Deluxe Non-AC Room – Rs.1400 for 1D/1N per Person (Includes all Meals, Stay, Amenities and Features) 
  • Deluxe AC Room – Rs.1600 for 1D/1N per Person (Includes all Meals, Stay, Amenities and Features) 
  • Non-AC Mud House/Cottage – Rs.1200 for 1D/1N per Person (Includes all Meals, Stay, Amenities and Features) 
  • AC Mud House/Cottage – Rs.1500 for 1D/1N per Person (Includes all Meals, Stay, Amenities and Features)

Resorts Food Package Menu

(All Included in Package) 

  • Welcome Drinks – Coconut Water (ডাব), Cold Drinks (ঠান্ডা পানীয়) 
  • Lunch – Rice (ভাত), Dal (ডাল), Potato Fry (আলু ভাজা), Mixed Vegetables (সবজি), Chingri Malaikari (চিংড়ি মালাইকারি), Pomfret (পমফ্রেট), Chutney (চাটনি), Papar (পাপড়) 
  • Snacks – Tea (চা), Puffed Rice (মুড়ি), Vegetable Pakora (ভেজ পকোড়া) 
  • Dinner – Rice/Ruti (ভাত/রুটি), Potato Fry (আলু ভাজা), Dal (ডাল), Mutton or Chicken (খাসির মাংস/মুরগির মাংস) 
  • Breakfast -Luchi (লুচি), Muri (মুড়ি), Alur Dam (আলুর দম), Boiled Egg (ডিম সেদ্ধ), Sweet (মিষ্টি) 

Resorts Extra Menu Services

(Extra Charges Applied) 

  • Chicken Barbeque Rs.450 per kg with salad. 
  • Extra lunch charged Rs.200 – Rs.300 per head.
  • Smokey Hookah Services Rs.250 – Rs.350.

Hotel/Resort Amenities

(All Included in Package)

Air Conditioner, Geyser, Free Wi-Fi, 24/7 Security, 24/7 Electricity, 24/7 Water Supply, Attached Bathroom, and Free Parking are available for two-wheelers. 

Hotel/Resort Features

(All Included in Package) 

Sea View Resort, Couple Friendly, Family Friendly, Pet Friendly, Bonfire nights, Barbeque Facilities and Musical Nights with DJ and Lights. 

Mousuni Island Booking 

What is the process for Mousuni Island Resort Booking or Mousuni Island Camp Booking? 

I have already suggested some of the best resorts you can see above. To book a resort on Mousuni, search for “Mousuni Island Resorts”. You will find different resort options, so pick the one you like best. 

Remember, all resorts are different, which I told you earlier, so select your resort with proper research.  

So, there are two ways to book any resort. You can contact the resort by phone and book online by paying some advance money. You can find each resort’s phone number on their website. You can also do Mousuni Island Online Booking. You can also book online. 

I recommend Mousuni Island Hotel Booking online for a hassle-free experience. Online to make sure you get a room. If you wait until you arrive at the resort, no rooms might be available. 

After all, almost all tourists book the resort in advance. So, if you book your resort in advance, the resort will hold your room or tent for you. 

Things to do in Mousuni Island 

Well, if you love the beaches, there are many things to do on the island.  

1.⁠ ⁠Explore Sea Beach: 

You can explore the Naked Sea beach. You will get a beautiful beach view, especially at sunset time, and enjoy the view. 

2.⁠ ⁠Relaxing the Mind: 

All resorts have a beautiful place for sitting just in front of the beach, and you can sit there and enjoy the beauty of the naked sea beach, ocean, and nature. 

3.⁠ ⁠Boating on Sea: 

You can ride a boat to the nearby Mangrove Forest and explore the forest and sea. It is the most significant Mangrove Forest in the world. 

4.⁠ ⁠Adventure Beach Camping: 

If you are an adventure lover, you can stay in a tent just by the sea. You will get the sea view from inside the tent. 

5.⁠ ⁠Capturing Memories: 

If you love to take photos, you can take beautiful pictures on the beach and make new memories. 

6.⁠ ⁠Fresh Seafood: 

You can order local fresh seafood food like fish fry and fish barbecue (additional charges will be applied). 

7.⁠ ⁠Glowing Bonfire: 

You can spend some time with your partner around the glowing bonfire at night. 

8. Chichen Barbeque:  

Enjoying the smokey pleasure of chicken barbecue while traveling, each bite adding a hint of adventure. 

9. Hookah Party with DJ and Lights: 

While enjoying cocktails, moving to the sounds of the DJ, and surrounded by vibrant lights, we make memories that outshine the stars. 

10. Tourist Spot Nearby Mousni Island: 

You may explore Henry Island, Bakkhali, Jambu Dwip, and Gangasagar, each of which is a captivating chapter in the story of our journey. 

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